numark lp 2cd or ion lp 2 flash???

hi, I want to buy a usb turntable and I’d like to get opinions on the latest numark and ion’s turntable models. I’ve read in other posts that there are lots of users who are having problems with these usb turntables, do you think that the newer models are better? has anyone tried any of them?? Im completely clueless about recording from vinyl so any suggestion like which one is the best and which one I should buy would be appreciated.

ION and Numark are basically the same company. The last time I looked at these Numark produced slighly better variants with heavier platters (the ION ones are normally plastc) and better arms and cartridges.

I started out with an ION iTTUSB - the electronics worked well, but eventually I abandoned it as it was giving me too much wow&flutter. Instead I resurrected my old Technics deck from the attic, gave it a little service and treated it to a new cartridge, resurrected also my wife’s old Technics pre-amp and bought an external USB soundcard. This combination produced much bettter results than the ION.

If you do buy - do make sure that you can return it if you find that it does not work for you.