NPC audio volume fluxuating.

So, briefly. While previewing and editing the latest episode of my LP I noticed, quite distinctly, that the volume of the NPC was bouncing up and down. It’s quite noticeable. Was wondering if it could be fixed? I ‘fixed’ it by using the Limiter tool to clip it to the point it was flat but then the background sounds (I am talking to the NPC near a waterfall) spike and make it hard to distinguish her from the background. So that wasn’t working. Let me see… Clip is * way * too big for here as well. It’s like 2 minutes long. So this is a One Drive link to the raw WAV.!AiU63J5FHKNwlze8sBnsyitiIe9T?e=Zv9sZx

I did notice that, when attempting to do the tedious fix of going from group of squiggly lines to the next (word by word?) that amplifying them individually to -5db wasn’t working. The volume still varied noticeably. For example

The first group of squiggly lines is her saying “The” , the second is “Dark”. I selected each on their own and used Amplify to -5db (just a number I pulled out of thin air) along with the 3rd group on it’s own and it still drops for the second, I had to amplify it to like -3 ish to get it roughly sound the same. And I noticed that group of squiggly lines is more compressed together unlike it’s neighbors. No idea why or what caused it. The other NPCs have all sounded good, and I’ve done like 12 episodes so far? At this point if I can’t fix it, it’ll mean rerecording this episode and hoping things match up so I don’t have to rerecord the next 4 videos that come after it. >.<

Thank you all for your time.

Possibly a Windows audio-enhancement like “loudness equalization”.
Should ensure all enhancements off before next recording …