Now, wait A cotton pickin minute

I wasn’t able to take A screenshot but under HOST in the manual there is some contradicting goin on. It first says WASAPI to be used for bit rates higher than 16bit. Then, right below it says " Audacity cannot record at higher than 16bit with MME or WASAPI".
So what gives ? Let’s see you wiggle out of this one !

I think you’ve found an error in the manual - I’ll report the problem.

I think what it should say is:

Audacity cannot record at greater 16-bit with MME or DirectSound as the host - you need to use Windows WASAPI if your sound device supports a bit depth of more than 16-bits.

(I’ll post back if that’s not correct).

Following discussions with Steve I’ve updated the alpha Manual for the upcoming 3.2.0 release:

I note that the Audacity Website’s take on this is: