now here's a challenge - off-centre 45

My wife has an old Christmas 45 rpm single. This single has had its centre hole punched slightly off-centre. This results in a rising and falling pitch (is this wow or is it flutter?) throughout the record.

The challenge is: can I use Audacity to correct this?

I suspect that the answer is likely to be no, or not easily - but I thought it was worth seeing if anybody out there has any good suggestions for this.

Yours in hope rather than expectation,


That’s wow (which is really just a slow form of flutter).

As for whether or not you can fix it, here’s a wikipedia blurb on it:

It seems like this is a relatively new idea that they’re currently trying to work out. So I don’t think you’ll be able to fix it in the next year or two, but that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen.

Technically, it’s be possible. The code for doing this could certainly be written, but it wouldn’t exactly be trivial. It would also require a precise measurement of the pitch change during each revolution. I’m not certain Nyquist is powerful enough to do something like this, but I think it should be.

Many old 45’s had a middle bit, about 3cm diameter, that could be “popped” out.

If your record has this, pop out the middle and make a new middle out of card (with a hole in the right place).

Most of mine were “dinked” like that for playing on my jukebox (Bal Ami J40 for the cognoscenti) - but this particular one only has the centr-hole drilled - a good idea though Steve.

You coundn’t even put it on a dinking machine to make the big hole - as the dinking machines used the centre-punched hole for alignment - so the problem would persist with this particular record.


Oh, shame. The alternative (if the record is not too valuable) is to stick the record onto the platter with Blu-Tak and fiddle around with it to get it centred (BEFORE you try to play it ! )

… Oh don’t tell me - you’re using a Dancette record player with a 3 inch spindle. :smiley:

No Steve, it’s far from being a valuable record - just a joky Christmas record based on the Twelve Days of Christmas - so we digit it out evey year and give it a couple of plays - I Digitized it last Christmas, which reminded me about the “wow”.

I will try the blu-tak - good suggestion.

And no, I fortunately managed to avoid the Dansette - my parents had a big stereo radiogram (the sort that was the size of a large sideboard) - and when I started buying my own records I was already into hi-fi separates.


Another possibility might be to glue a piece of plastic ~ 1" diameter/square OVER the hole, then from some arbitrary point on rim, find another point on opposite edge which is max distance away and scribe a line between those two points onto the added plastic ; then do the same again for another two points about 90 degrees from the first two. The point at which the lines cross should be the center of the record, so drill a new hole there.