Novice Question

I have edited an audio file and ‘saved as’ “first Edit”.
When I try to open it Audacity gives the messages; could not find------ then it says could not open… .
The is an Audacity file and is set o open with Audacity.
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Help! LOST!

If you “saved” your work and not “exported” anything, you have an Audacity Project and not a sound file. Double click on the aup file and it will open all those little snippets inside the _data folder and that will go looking for any external music files you used in your show. Any of those files or folders missing can give you the messages you have.

If you really wanted a stand-alone music file, then you have to Export one. For production, a WAV file is recommended. If you’re completely done editing and you want something for internet or your personal music player, then MP3 is OK, provided you install the “lame” software.

Re-editing MP3 files will cause musical damage and is to be avoided. Never do production in MP3.