Notifications by e-mail

Why do I not receive notification when someone submits a response to my topic? For this last conversation about the positioning of the play head, I had to keep a browser tab open and refresh to see if anyone is participating in the thread. I checked my settings and the correct eddress is listed.

I believe email notification is not allowed in the new forum.


Too expensive?

I sometimes receive notifications here, but not too often.

I think it depends on how the reply is made. When the (grey) “Reply”-link just below the question, you are notified. If you use the blue link below the discussion, you are npt notified. Let us know whether you received a notification for this message - I used the grey link.

But: if you ask a question - is it too much to look into the forum after some time to check?

In, there’s a preference for how often you’d like to be emailed when quoted, replied to, or there’s new activity in watched topics. It defaults to “only when away” (ie when you have the tab closed).

(if you create a topic, it automatically becomes “watched”. You can manually set topics to watched via the bell underneath the timeline:



I read that five times now.

I used to be able to notify posters when I thought they might benefit from an updated posting to their question. That fails now.

Also see: Emerogork (above) who was waiting for email notification that will never arrive.

Wouldn’t simple email notification be valuable?


Without automatic notification by e-mail, I find that I have to keep a browser tab open to any post to be able to see any responses.

I see no option to set the frequency for notifications. I see no such “blue bells” to enable it.

I saw a “blue bell” and clicked on an icon. It seems to have enabled notification. I did this before reading all of them and now I cannot seem to be able to change it.

Now I don’t see the blue bells anymore…?

So you have achieved the Blue Bell of Happiness.


But I still don’t see notifications…

Click on the author’s name or symbol. If you don’t see “Message” than that may be something only forum seniors can do. I’m the last person to ask about forum workings.


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