Notiching music for Tinnitus with xp

what is the process for removing 1 octive around my tinnitus frequency as i have read. All the procedures I have found envolve older versions of the Audacity program.
I can inport the music but not clear on how to remove the band of freq. Please let me know step by step

Do you know what frequencies you want to remove?
There is a “band stop” filter here that can remove a frequency band:
Instructions for how to install:

Im getting the test results back from the dr. I think its about 9100hz, I was able to figure out how to install band stop so Im ready to alter the music files. Do you suggest leaving the octive at 1. Anything else I should know?

thanks a million

I’m not a doctor and I’m not qualified to say if notch filtering is beneficial for Tinnitus sufferers, though there have been some encouraging reports on the forum.

I’d suggest that you try leaving at one octave initially and see if it helps.
The wider the band the greater the range of frequencies removed and the more “damage” is done to the sound quality. Ideally you would want to find the narrowest band that works for you so as to keep the sound quality as “complete” as possible.
If 1 octave works for you, try it at half an octave - gradually narrow it down. When you reach the point where it is no longer effective then you know that the “right setting for you” is just a bit wider than that.

Please let us know how you get on with this - your experience can help other Tinnitus sufferers.

can you explain this. What do you mean if 1 octave works?

I presume that you are hoping to get some “beneficial” effect by removing frequencies around your tinnitus frequency.
What benefit does this have or what benefit do proponents say that it has?

i WAS A LITTLE CONFUSED SINCE I hve heard thaat it takes a long time to retrain the brain using this technique so I wont know if its working for a while
Thanks for the help

In case you’ve not found them already, there are several tinnitus support forums. They may be able to offer more specific suggestions than I can.
Good luck, and please do keep us updated with how you get on with this.