Nothing works

Hi, jimfox here. OS XP Pro, Audacity 2.0.3
I just bought this unit, put the disc in but no P’nP device in Device Manager.
Plug in tape, get message, " Not recognised by Windows."
Uninstall, go through the whole installation several times, but it is no go.
Any suggestions? or should i throw it in the bin?

And what might “this unit” be :question:


https ://

Hi again, jimfox here,
Sorry for the tardy reply.
Waxcylinder, it is a " super usb cassette capture" & the Audacity installation disc came with it.
Trebor, thanks for the link, the instructions which i followed. Still no go, so i changed the usb cable & whacko, it works, is now recognised in Device Manager, & i can now record the tapes of the band i was in 30 years ago. Thanks to both of you for answering my call for help.

In which case the link that Trebor gave will be useful to you