nothing to computer from record player

HI their Audacity
I’m having trouble getting music from Record player to computer.
I have Windows 7
I have lead from player to comuter.
When playing music in Audacity I press record the button goes in but no lines no nothing/ press stop the button works & asked if wan’t to save / but nothing to save.
Can you Please help?

If it’s a USB turntable, please read this Tutorial: .

If it’s a conventional turntable that does not normally connect to a computer, please read: .

If you need help after that, please state the make and model number of the turntable and what version of Windows you have.


Thanks Gale
I have tried everything in your reply {no luck}
I have windows 7
My turntable is Lenoxx tt500
Hope this helps
Thanks again

We can’t see over your shoulder so we will have to take it step-by-step.

Switch the turntable on at the mains. Connect the USB cable to an empty USB port on the computer (not to a USB hub).

Right-click over the speaker icon by the computer clock > Recording Devices. Is the turntable listed? If so, right-click over its listing and if you see “Enable”, click “Enable”.

If it is not listed, use another USB cable that you know works, or buy a new USB cable, then follow “Detecting USB and Firewire devices” here: .