Nothing before Zero

Dear Audacity Team,

I’ve tried the Time Shift and I’ve tried the Iron Bar ( cursor) and Playhead but nothing happens when I try to edit a clip that is in the Minus area of the Timeline i.e. before Zero (0). I have Audacity 2.2.2 and Windows 10 Pro.

How the clip got into the Minus area, I don’t know, but all that shows when I try to bring it alive with the Iron Bar (or cursor), is a finger pointing to the right or a White Stop Sign. I’ve spent hours trying to find the answer. All of the rest of it is in the plus area from Zero onwards and is manageable.

Audacity has been working outstandingly and expectionally brilliantly. My current challenge is probably ignorance rather than intelllectual capacity as I know how to follow simple instructions! So, if you have an answer, I’ll be in your great debt. If you have the time, please give simple step by step instructions that can be understood by someone who almost failed the Primary Cert.

Thank you for your great knowledge and your great kindess.

-Michael Freeman, Wexford, Ireland

To edit audio that is behind zero, it must first be moved into the “valid” time range after zero.
If a track also contains audio that is after zero, then you can move the audio from behind zero by:

  1. Click on an empty part of the info panel on the left end of the track. This will select all audio in the track.
  2. Change to the Time Shift tool.
  3. Click on part of the audio that is after zero and drag to the right.

Thank you Steve. It worked. You’re brilliant. -Michael Freeman

Dear Audacity Team,

My Windows version is Windows 10 Pro.

I would be grateful for your guidance on how to blend a number of audio clips from different sources i.e. A Tascam DR 40 and an Olympus Digital Recorder and my Smart Phone sound recorder to make one seamless audio?

I have converted the Olympus clip and the Smart Phone clip to WAV format using AVS Converter.

Your guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

  • Michael Freeman, Rosslare, Co. Wexford, Rep of Ireland.

“File menu > Import > Audio”
Then edit them as required.