notched files are not maintained when exporting to desktop

I am having trouble getting the notching to stay with the files when I export them to my desktop. Specifically, I am now using a notch value of 5000 hz and a notch width of 0.3. It seems to notch okay and then when I export the file it goes as a WAV. However, when I send the files to my desktop and open and check the notching, it seems to be gone. I would prefer not to use itunes to listen to the music…my preference is to either burn the notched songs to a CD or sync into my MP3 player. Can someone help?

Just to be clear, you create the notch and apply it and it seems to work. You open up Analyze > Plot Spectrum with a very high size and you can see the notch working in the show.

Export the work as wav, reimport into a fresh Audacity and Analyze > Plot Spectrum again and there’s no sign of the effect?


I could very well be wrong, but it seems to lose its notching when I convert the WAV file to an MP3 format. Perhaps I am mistaken though, and this is not the case at all…?! It does seem to maintain its notched integrity as long as it remains in WAV format.