Notch Filter vs Vocal Remover for Center-Panned Vocals

I’m trying to remove frequencies between 4750Hz and 8700 Hz for an experiment having to do with Tinnitus, see I used Effect:Notch Filter with Default choice set to 0, Notch Frequency at 5800 and Notch Q set to .9 It appears that the music has change but I can’t tell how or what was done. It says lower Q gives a wider notch, but I can’t tell how wide. There’s not suppose to be any difference in the hearing of the music, which was my experience. I used Effect:Vocal Remover for Center-Panned Vocals which gave me the choice of frequencies which I could remove, which was great, but again there was no way for me to tell if I had done anything to change the music. I’m essentially trying to remove one octave total above and below 5800 Hz which is the frequency that I believe I’m getting in my ear. Any help in verifying which method is better than the other or how to verify what I’ve done would be appreciated.


With the Notch Filter plug-in. defaul, choice = 0 removes 60 Hz, and 1 removes 50 Hz. You need to select choice = 2 in order to specify another frequency.

To see what was done to the music, select a portion then Analyse > Plot Spectrum. Set the size to 16384 and axis to log frequency.

– Bill