Not Writable Error Message

I have just downloaded Audacity 2.0.1 on my Mac and am running 10.5.8 software.
I am able to record vinyl perfectly but when I try to save it I get an error message that says “is not writable or deck is full”
The deck has lots of space but can’t even save one cut let alone a side of six cut from a vinyl record.
Does anyone know how to solve this program?


Did you put a date in the filename? Don’t put any punctuation marks in a filename. I know you can on some Macs, but that’s not a good idea. I have to push Mac files all over the company around the earth, so I don’t use spaces, either. You can use dash and underscore.

Today is not 8/22/12, it’s 20120822.



I did not do anything you suggested except did leave spaces between words.

I will try again later today by simply using lower case words all run together and see how that works.

Will let everyone know what happens.

One other question which might be part of the problem.

I am recording all six cuts or one side of the vinyl and trying to save the entire piece as one file. I have no interest in breaking up the cuts or naming each one individually. Could this be part of the problem i.e. since there is normal dead space between each cut?

Well with a little playing around I figured it out and my first vinyl record is now in ITunes waiting to be burned.
When the recording is finished don’t “Sav Proj As”. Go to FILE >EXPORT and use AIFF Apple signed 16 bit PCM among the many choices you are given. Then follow along with the other pop ups. I eventually put the FILE on my Desktop. Then I create a file in I Tunes with the proper headings and drag the desktop file into it in ITunes.

One little issue is that I do not create individual designations for each cut but simply create a file for Side A and one for Side B. Its much easier to do it this way plus in the good old days you did not have the option of selecting a random play of cuts but had to listen to each side in its entirety which is no big deal.

now in ITunes waiting to be burned.

Music CDs do not carry album names or song titles. When you put a store-bought Music CD into a computer, the computer goes on-line to figure out what the song titles are. They’re not on the disk.

Yours won’t be either.

There is a way to create a special, odd standard CD that combines partial music and partial text, but it may not play on all music players.

Many of us go through and split the album up into songs because it gives us the option of piling all our favorite songs at the beginning, but also ability to skip one or two that you really didn’t like all that much with the CD Player controls.

And, of course you now have the option of creating a party mix from different albums. You can’t do that when all you have is SIDE-1 and SIDE-2.