Not wanted effect from when applying EQ filter

If I apply Apple:AUgraphicEQ on a selection and and as a test don’t change anything, don’t move any frequency handles, and then apply the filter: it still changes the the selection quiet a lot , basically make the selection/song sound more flat…

The problem is of course if I, for instance, want to make some changes in the middle register, … I can’t know how to compensate for the changes made by the program in the other frequencies

I did think that that there would be zero effect if you don’t move any of the handles…
Anyone know why this is? and if it is fixable?

There’s a glitch with that effect. If you open with 10 bands showing, then select 31 bands the window does not expand to show all bands. Close it and open it again and the window will properly expand to show all bands.

Does it affect the audio if you click the “Flatten EQ” button?

– Bill

No, it did not change the “unwanted” effect. However now when try to repeat the same actions but with an other song, the change is not audible. But I do see graphically (spectrum view) that there is change made to the track. maybe some types of music is more sensitive to that kind of change being audible?

I will come back to this when I have a better example. Hopefully I won’t find one.
Btw the glitch you mention is not really a problem to me, I just close the EQ window and open it again, now fully expanded.


More revealing would be Analyze > Plot Spectrum on the before and after segments.

– Bill

I Applied the Apple:AUgraphicEQ on 6 sec (of an old tango from 1930) after flattening the settings.
and did as u suggested. As you can see in the Plot spectrum, there is no change. Neither can I hear any change in the lower frequenzy or anywhere els.
so I must assume that the problem was not within Audacity, but rather something I did.

Still, do you know if any particular settings are better using the plot spectrum when I would like to detect a change in the lower register.
Best Regards

Set “Sorlek:” to 8196 and you’ll get a plot down to about 3 Hz.

– Bill

I can report no change below 100Hz either.
So I say thank you Bill, for your help, most kind.
Best Regards