Not sure what's wrong...

My voice has an echo when I listen to it and I don’t know why it’s there or how to fix it. I upgraded from a Snowball to Yeti microphone but currently that’s the best I can buy (teacher here!) I actually put a sock over the microphone but that make any difference at all. Google suggested I needed carpet on my hardwood floor so I put all the blankets I had on my floor and hung one up on the wall behind me but it didn’t help. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

I hear two problems. You have a very live room and that’s what makes it sound like talking in a bathroom. You also have compression distortion. That’s harder. That can come from Windows processing, Excessive Noise Reduction or MP3 compression.

The last one is easy. Stop using MP3. Just stop dead. The only time you will need MP3 is to submit to ACX for acceptance. Use WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit for everything else—including posting on the forum.

You may be using your Yeti wrong. The Yeti should be set for Cardioid (heart or kidney shaped pattern) and you should be talking into the grill just up from the company logo about a Hawaiian Shaka away.

It doesn’t matter if the microphone is right-side up.

The bad news is the room. Polished wood floor and tasteful plain white walls (or worse, large glass windows) is actively hostile to good recording. That will probably always sound like recording in a bathroom, but we can help.

Rip through Windows setups and make sure you’re not applying microphone processing, or on-the fly noise reduction or anything like that.

Even if you don’t have these specific problems, this is where to look.

Do you use Skype or other chat apps? Skype is famous for taking over your computer sound system and not telling you.


Once you get all that resolved, you can make a little studio with blankets and towels. How handy are you?

This is the commercial version. It works famously and folds up into a package you can take on a plane.

It’s also overkill.

There is a home version where you build your own frame and use store-bought soundproof panels. Still have the box your microwave came in? That might be big enough.

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 07.48.54.png
But you don’t even need that if you have enough blankets and towels.

I hit it in the middle. I bought furniture moving blankets. That’s what’s on the desk and wall. The only thing they’re missing is “Allied Van Lines” printed on them.

When you choose blankets or towels, heavy is good. Packing foam isn’t heavy enough. Don’t forget the floor of the enclosure. See the expensive one has a panel on the floor and the home one doesn’t? Also, the rear wall has to be treated.


You are amazing! Thank you for the advice. I will go to Lowe’s this weekend!