Not sure about decibel levels

When I do a narration, the decibel level seems to be low in the track editor. Is this typical? What should a typical voice recording be at? See attachment.
sound wave.png
I use a Yeti mic and have the gain about a little less than half way up on the back. My audacity recording volume setting is at .5.

I’m on 2.0.6 version. I use the .exe version.

Windows 7 pro 64 bit

If you have no troubles producing a client deliverable, you can probably leave it right there. Our goal is recurring peaks at 50% or -6dB - the yellow sound meter zone if you’re on Audacity 2.1.0 or 2.1.1.

The sound meters are one of the significant improvements compared with earlier Audacity versions.

The next time you feel the pull to upgrade either Audacity or Windows, consider what would happen if Audacity stopped working when you did that.

I’m just sayin’.

If you’re within a handful of dB of that, you should be good to go. We have posters whose blue waves are buried in the 100% region and others whose performance doesn’t show up at all.

Those are a problem.


I thought I had this here somewhere.


Again, this is a fuzzy target we give people starting from dead zero. You’re not. You have a known, good, working production pipeline and you should hang onto it with white knuckles.


your recording level is a little low. if your mouth is much more than 10 cm away from the mic, try getting a bit closer (ensure that you use a “pop shield”).

If you are already close enough to the microphone then try turning up the gain on the microphone. As Koz wrote, an ideal level to aim for is for the maximum peaks to be about half the height of the track.

Also, Audacity 2.0.6 is obsolete. The current (2.1.1) version is available here: