Not scrubbing

Is anyone else having trouble with the ‘scrubbing’ feature in Audacity? Sometimes it works…most times not.
Windows 10 pc.


The Mac version seems to work. Command+LeftMouse. What does it do when it doesn’t work? Just ignores you?

Do you have a million tracks stacked?


Only one track open, in one window.
I get the green down-pointing triangle above the track but when it acts up it gives me a lengthening sideways grey line with an arrow at both ends. It gives me the “Quick play enabled” tool name. If I let go of my left button, sometimes it just start to play forward. Sometimes it doesn’t move at all. And, then again, sometimes it works. Do you hold the left mouse button down or let it go? I’m sure I’m just not doing it right.

Nevermind. I figured it out. Releasing the button is the key.
Thanks anyways.

And the interface for scrubbing has chnaged in the new 2.1.3 release.


We’d be interested in your feedback on the new interface.