"Not responding" with multiple edits after upgrading

I’ve been using Audacity for years, both Win7 and Win10. I recently upgrading both of my computers (one older Win7 and one brand new Win10) to 3.0.3 and now BOTH have this issue: when editing, I cut some room tone from the end of my recording, then I use it to paste over breaths and various other points in my recording. I can roll this way for a while… maybe a couple of hours or so… and then it will start getting slower to respond… then the spinning blue circle… then NOT RESPONDING. After that, I’m done. Every edit, even after a restart, takes minutes, and eventually NOT RESPONDING. The only solution I’ve found so far is to completely UNINSTALL Audacity and REINSTALL. After that, I’ll get a couple of hours of good fast cuts and pastes without any delay… and then the first delay, and then NOT RESPONDING. Then I start all over again.

I repeat that I did not have this problem with the older versions of Audacity (and I don’t know what that version was, but it was a few years old, so 2.something?).


This issue has been noted and logged here: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues/1357

I have added your report to the issue.

Until the issue is resolved, I would recommend exporting to .WAV and then importing into a new project.

Thanks for reporting. I looked on the link you posted, and one guy asked if I was using Punch/Paste to paste the room tone, and no, I’m not. I was just using regular old Windows cut (CtrlX) and paste (Ctrl V).

bienvenc, I would like to take a look at an .aup3 file that demonstrates this issue - if you care to zip it up and upload it to a public file server, then post or PM me the link.