Not Recording

I am running Audacity 3.1.3 on a Windows 11 Computer. I have a Soundblaster AE7 sound card with Sound Blaster Command Version What I’m asking is if anyone has used the AE7 and had problems recording?. I Can’t Even record from my external cd/DVD player. I’m in touch with Creative and it seems they can’t figure it out. I had an AE5 and had no problems at all recording anything and I’ve been using Audacity for years with no problem. If anyone has had this problem and has resolved the problem please let me know and how you fixed the problem. Thanks in advance.

Does it show-up as a [u]Recording Device[/u], and have you selected it?

The Soundblaster does show up in Win11 as an output device, however, if you chose an input device it does not show up. ver since I’ve been using Audacity it does or did use “What U Hear” as input. I have tried all the configurations in Audacity and none work. The application which comes with the AE7 is called “Sound Blaster Command” and in it, it has a tab called"Recording". This gives you the choice of either using a microphone as an input device or the application “What U Hear” as a recording device. In all the time I have been using Soundblaster “What U Hear” has always been the recording device in Audacity. At the present time as you can see by the screenshot, I have Always used this configuration for ALL Sound Blasters I have had to include the AE5. My curiosity was to find out if anyone using Audacity had any problems using the AE7 with Audacity. I would rather not use the onboard audio of the motherboard. I have never used it, have no idea what it even sounds like but I prefer a soundcard because that’s what they are made for. Now what Creative might find out, and this is just a guess, is that “What U Hear” doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. Why? I have no idea.E
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