Why is it whenever I record something the lines will move up and down but bceome straight after six seconds and move up and down the next six second and repeat the same thing over again. Whenever I record for just 3 second, the lines movi up and down but I press stop to stop the recording and edit it everything become straight! Please help! I uninstalled it and installed it again many time but the same problem keeps on happening.

We can’t see your computer, so you need to tell us a lot more about what you’re doing. Start with the information in that pink band at the top of the page.


Almost certainly because Audacity can’t write to the temporary directory you specified at Edit > Preferences… (Directories section). Look in there and choose a drive that has at least 100 GB of space and choose a folder on that drive that you have permission to write to. If you are not logged in as an administrator you cannot write to Program Files or to someone else’s user space.

Reinstalling should set your temporary directory to a location you can write to, but only if you enable the “Reset Preferences” box half way through the installer. Say “Yes” when you launch Audacity after reinstallation and it asks if you want to reset Preferences.