HELP!!! I am a freelance voice over artist, using Audacity through a Yamaha Audiogram 3 interface to do voice work from my home studio - working on Windows XP. Everything’s been going fine until today. Mic and headphones are working fine but I am getting a flat line all the way. Output levels are fine but the input (mic) levels are just showing the left channel working - nothing’s registering on the right (recording in mono, and from memory I though both channels were registering in the past - but I may be wrong). The other little glitch in the input side of things, top right hand corner of the audacity screen, is that I was unable to move the mic slider, which I usually have set on 0. After checking my computers’ sound settings, everything is fine and it SHOULD BE WORKING! Mic input is set as Primary Sound Capture Drive, Output is set on Realtek HD Audio output, recording in mono. These are my normal settings (I have them written down, as I had a problem in the past and didn’t want it to happen again. Different problem to this one though - I managed to fix it last time, but this one’s very stubborn!)
Over the weekend my harddrive and interface got knocked and took a tumble, and I thought something may have broken. AFter exhausting all efforts to get things working I bought a new interface (M-Audio) but guess what? It didn’t change anything!!
So I updated my Audacity programe from 1.3 to Audacity 2 (or could be 2.1 as I only did this tonight). It has fixed the tiny ‘glitch’ (I am able to use the slide fader on the mic input) but it is STILL NOT RECORDING! Have you got any ideas?? What else could I try???

I’m not sure what you mean - you appear to be contradicting yourself.
Do you mean that Audacity IS recording correctly on the left channel but NOT recording on the right channel?

There you go something must happened. What was the issue and did you do anything to fix it or Windows did by itself? I guess Windows restored to a previous working status?

AFter exhausting all efforts to get things working I bought a new interface (M-Audio) but guess what? It didn’t change anything!!

In fact that sounds like a problem with Windows not the interface.
Maybe it’s just a simple setting that needs to be adjusted or maybe previous working Windows’ drivers went wrong so they were replaced.
Could you post any screenshot showing the audio settings?

I am seeing input on the mic levels, but it is not recording. It LOOKS like the feed is going through, but when I hit record, there is just a flat line.

You mean on the Meter Toolbar ?
As a test, try applying the “Amplify” effect to the “flat line” with default settings) to see if anything at all has recorded.

I think she sees a recording with out no sound as per the screenshot.
Flat line.jpg

YES! That’s what I see, although the R channel shows no input. Have just returned from a week away, so will also try the ‘amplify’ suggestion to see how we go. Thanks for the input so far.