Not recording streaming audio

Hi folks, new to the forum and I have checked for this topic and done a search so I hope I’m not rehashing what has been discussed.

I have been using Audacity for a number of years with no problems but a week ago upgraded to Win10 from 7 and have not been able to record streaming audio since. Tried a number of settings in Audacity as well as through ‘Device Manager’ and ‘Sounds’ from Win control panel with no luck. I downloaded the newest version of Aud, no luck. Downloaded ver 2.1.0 which might have been what I had before moving to Win10, no luck and that’s what is currently on the pc.

I use, and have for years, Steinberg UR22 for sound recording/playback and it still works to record sound from a mic as well as playing sound from a sound file I load into Audacity.

Sorry to be long-winded but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated at this point after spending a LOT of time trying various settings.

It’s not an Audacity thing. Audacity is a plain audio production manager.

Recording internet audio is an odd job and special provisions must be made. These provisions have changed through version updates and it’s not that unusual for the service to drop dead when you change the computer. Playing to speakers is normal and recording your microphone is normal. Recording a computer’s own playback is is not.

Then there’s the business of copyright infringement, etc.