Not recording sound.


I am trying to record a DJ mix from my mixer through Audacity, however I am just getting flat lines.

I have done several mixes in the past but not in recent months.

I have a new Windows PC. Not sure what else you need.

I am probably doing something dumb as I am not massively technically minded - any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


What sort of mixer?
How is it connected to your computer?
What settings do you have in the Device Toolbar?

Its an American Audio mixer MX-1400 DSP. I have it plugged into my speaker socket (the green one on my computer) and record outlets on my mixer.

Output things say:

Realtek Digital Output
Stereo Mix (Realtek High Definition)
2 (stereo) input

I was going to put a screenshot in but wasn’t sure how.

You need to connect the output from the mixer to the “blue line input” of your sound card.
The recording input in Audacity should also be set to “Line In”.

If you have a laptop, you may not have a blue Stereo Line-In. Many Windows laptops don’t. For you we have the Behringer UCA202 USB sound adapter.