Not recording [SOLVED]

Dear Audacity:
I have version 2.1.2, Windows 8.1
Audacity is not recording my voice. There is no sound when recording is played back.

Correction: The operating system is Windows 8

Make sure to select your microphone as the [u]recording device[/u].

microphone selected as recording device, but still no sound
worked OK yesterday

Don’t go back and correct posts. That makes it really rough to follow you.

What’s the microphone? Part numbers, model numbers or web page.

You can put Audacity 2.1.2 into monitor mode by right-clicking inside the recording meters (microphone symbol) > Start Monitoring. The meters will jump any time there is audio, but you aren’t actually making a recording. Still nothing? Did you shut down your machine from the last time you used it?

Is the microphone actually visible in the device toolbar?

It’s a very common problem to connect the microphone after Audacity is already running. That doesn’t work. Connect the microphone and then start Audacity, or Transport > Rescan…


Microphone: AKG P220
rt. click inside recording meters results in monitoring, but no recording.
Machine was shut down after last use.
Microphone icon is visible in the device toolbar.

You can’t plug this microphone directly into a computer, so how are you connecting them? We have to build your studio in our heads to imagine what could go wrong. I use an analog mixer and digital interface.

How did you do it?

This microphone requires the Mixer or Interface 48v Phantom Power be switched on. Is it? The microphone doesn’t have any indicator lights whether or not it’s awake. Not helpful. I hope the interface tells us what it’s doing.


The microphone is connected to a PreSonus AUDIOBOX USB. The 48V light is on. The AUDIOBOX is connected to the computer.
Thank you.

Then choose the USB CODEC for Audiobox as your Audacity recording device. If you don’t see it, do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices at the top of the Audacity menus.

Are you sure you connected the mic to channel 1 of the Audiobox?


Thank you, Gale:
I did Transport > Rescan Audio Devices
I have connected the microphone to #1 and #2
Audiobox is still not recording.
Your help is appreciated as I can do any voice over auditioning at this time.


Problem solved.
Channel 1
Line (AudioBox
1 (Mono)
Speakers (High

I have audio and monitoring now.

Thank you