Not recording line input

I have connected a VCR to my PC via audio line out/line in sockets. I can hear the sound but Audacity does not record - just “flat line”. I was using v 2.1.1 but in an effort to resolve issue I have now upgraded to latest version. My settings are MME, Line-in and 2 channel (stereo). I am running Windows 10 and have checked the settings there. The line-in device is enabled, volume 100%, 2 channel, 16 bit, 44100Hz. Privacy settings seem OK. I have done this before with no problem. What am I doing wrong this time? Any help gratefully appreciated.

Did you try the next?

Right click on volume control.
Recording devices.
Slecting “Line-in”
Button “Properties”
(and the different options that appear there)

Thanks very much for your help. It’s not exactly as you say but by trying various things I managed to find the DELL Audio main screen which showed that line-in was muted. So, having un-muted it I can now record as desired.