Not recording last bit of sound on laptops (desktop OK)

So this is odd. This is the scenario. I press R (reocord), then say 1,2,3, then press space (pause). I can then play this back on my desktop and it will say 1,2,3.

I then record the same scenario on two different laptops. During playback, I only hear 1,2 (usually). Sometimes I can get 1,2,3. When I press pause while recording, I can see the cursor end at the appropriate point, but the waveform is not “filled in” completely. Therefore, I usually just get 1,2 and don’t hear the 3. It seems to lose about a tenth of a second or so.My thought is that the laptops don’t have good sound cards (or some lack of required hardware) and Audicity can’t keep up. I messed around with some preferences, but no improvements.

I want to use a small laptop for recording since it is portable and can fit on a mic stand. Any ideas? Maybe I need a better laptop with more power?

Sounds like this bug:

that we fixed for the upcoming 2.3.1 release (probably next month)


Great. Glad you guys are on top of it.

FYI, for my use case, I am recording each sentence for a training video and the goal is using R then pause to create a clip for each sentence. I intentionally try to stop it at the exact end of the sentence. Then after the recording is complete I insert an exact amount of silence between each sentence using a macro. This way things are consistent and I have really clean audio between sentences (as opposed to natural pauses). So obviously if there is any truncation, it won’t work.

That said, I am a rookie to creating training videos and just making up my own process flow. Perhaps most would just use a natural pause and this bug wouldn’t be too noticeable. Maybe I am over complicating it, but the nice thing about recording each sentence as its own clip is that I can delete the sentence/clip in real time if I don’t like it. So there a couple benefits with sentence by sentence recording…at least in this rookie’s eyes.