Not recording guitar [SOLVED]

Hey guys,

Im new to audacity and this whole recording thingie. However i downloaded guitar rig5, and i was using audacity to record clean raw guitar(a strat) and import them to guitar rig 5 and use all the effects n stuff.But since a few hours ago audacity isnt picking up my guitar it only records a static sound n no guitar at all.BTW I plug in my guitar to front mic port using an adapter. I hve no idea wt is the problem since it worked fine n i didnt chnge anything in the programme. version 2.1.2

It`l be great if u guys can help me !!!

Choose the front mic port as Recording Device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar.


Sorry for the late reply bt I tried connecting the guitar to the back panel n it is working now :smiley: , Hope this will help to anyone with the trouble.