Not recording from USB tape cassette

I am using Audacity 2.1.0, along with a Super USB Cassette Capture device.

I have captured the audio from many tapes. However, for the last several weeks, Audacity will not capture audio from the USB device. Instead, it captures ambient audio from the room in which I am sitting.

I have read the FAQs, but following the instructions has not changed my result.

Ensure that you have the USB device selected as the recording device in the device toolbar.
Note that the USB device should be connected to the computer (and recognised by Windows) before you launch Audacity.
If you launch Audacity first, you will need to “Rescan audio devices” (in the “Transport” menu) after Windows has recognised and enabled the device.

You can check to see if Windows has recognised and enabled the USB device by looking in the recording tab of the Windows Sound Control Panel.

I adjusted the settings according to the document, and now my computer emits an ear-piercing screech.

Referring me to stock help documents isn’t helping me. Can someone provide me with personalized assistance? What information can I provide to help you troubleshoot?

The stock documents are the correct ones to read, because clearly you were not choosing the correct recording device in Audacity. See Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks - Audacity Manual.

It is quite simple. In Audacity’s Device Toolbar, in Recording Device, choose the USB Audio CODEC for the tape player. In Playback Device in the same toolbar, choose your computer speakers or headphones.

If you do not see the USB Audio CODEC recording device in Audacity, click Transport > Rescan Audio Devices at the top of the Audacity screen then select the USB Audio CODEC as recording device in Device Toolbar.

If you still get a whine, this is a common fault, usually cured by changing the USB cable.

Open Help > Audio Device Info… . Right-click in that window and “Select All”. Right-click and “Copy”. Paste the information here.