Not recording computer audio

I get a straight line when trying to record computer audio which means I’m not recording. I’ve used Audacity for years and never had a problem, until now. How do I get it to record?

until now.

What changed? Something changed. Did you plug in a USB microphone or USB headphones or other USB sound device? Windows has an odd habit of hijacking the sound channels when you do that.

Do you remember how to set up to record computer/internet sound? You may have to do it again. We wrote a thing on how to do this.


The only thing that changed was Windows 10 was installed.

Windows 10 was installed.

Windows 10 is not a gentle upgrade. It’s a whole new operating system. You need to make sure all your sound equipment, drivers and software are Windows 10 certified or compliant.

Which soundcard have you got? Does the manufacturer offer a Win10 update to the driver software? Generic Microsoft drivers don’t count. You should get the real deal from the maker of the soundcard.

Did you install Windows 10 for a reason? Did Microsoft do it in the background? Can you back out of the upgrade?