Not recording but it shows sound on the Recording meter toolbar

I was able to get Audacity to record yesterday and despite every different solution I followed I cannot get it to work last night and today. I even uninstalled/reinstalled.
I have a new Dell CPU Win10. I am using a Focusrite 2i2 as my usb interface and I updated my Focusrite sound driver.

I see sound is coming into Audacity through the Recording Meter Toolbar but nothing is showing in the Audiotracks.
Help! I have a class of music students coming in 3 hours (4 pm PST or LA time) and I planned to do Halloween sound tracks mixed on Audacity!!

Perhaps your recording level is too low for the track to be visible?

When you try to record, does the recording look like a flat blue line?
What level do you see in the recording meter when you try to record?