Not recording bottom stereo line, latency test errors

I’m using Ubuntu (the latest version)

I’m using Audacity 2.2.1

I can’t remember how I installed Audacity, sorry about that

Basically, I’m trying to record but I’m running into two issues. One, the bottom line of stereo tracks are simply not recording. Not even a flatline, just not there. It gives the audio this strange muffled quality that sounds really bad. Also, whenever I try to record, it tells me something about a latency test and not being able to record, so I have to bring the recording start line to random places until it records. If it doesn’t record, it just instantly creates a flatline up to that point. If I turn off overdub, this issue is solved, but I need overdub so that my tracks align. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks.

What are you trying to record, and what equipment are you using?

I’m recording music using only my computer’s built-in microphone. I’m using my keyboard and non-synthetic percussion instruments but the keyboard is NOT hooked up to the computer.

I’m recording music with my keyboard but it is NOT hooked up to the computer. I’m using the computer’s default built-in microphone.

I’m a Windows guy, but…

A single microphone is mono. :wink:

Change [u]Recording Channels[/u] to 1 (Mono) Recording channel.

Everything is mono/stereo compatible and a mono file will play through both speakers.

The mono track has the same muffled quality as the stereo track. Also there’s still the issue of the latency test preventing me from recording.