Not recording both stereo channels

I’m using Audacity 2.2.0 on a Windows 7 computer trying to record an LP through a Behringer UCA202. What I’m recording has places where certain audio only is on the right channel or the left channel. When I listen on the Phones output of the UCA202, I’m able to hear both right and left audio. But when it records and it gets to the part where the audio is on the right channel but not on the left, that audio doesn’t get recorded. Also, looking at the wave forms for the two channels, they are always identical. I have it set to Stereo Recording. Thoughts?

The UCA202 shows up in the device toolbar as Microphone (USB Audio CODEC).

Look in the Windows Sound Control Panel and ensure that the device is set to record 2 channels stereo.

That did the trick! Thanks. Very good point to know about. :smiley: