Not recording audio through headphones

Using Audacity 2.1.2 on iMac running OS X Yosemite v10.10.5 – there is a lot of crackly static in the recording, especially noticeable on any kind of music. Recording levels seem OK without too much distortion. Any ideas? Thanks.

Macs have no built-in way to let you record computer playback.

The usual recommendation is to use Soundflower. See the instructions at

To avoid crackly dropouts, you will though almost certainly have to open Audacity > Preferences…, Recording section and reduce “Audio to buffer” below the default 100 milliseconds. Try it at 0 milliseconds, and if you can’t then record or play, increase it in 10 milliseconds increments until you can.


Will Soundflower also record audio in headphones? I’m trying to record a Skype audio call. Using external mic to record my audio, but it wasn’t picking up Audi from skype being played through headphones.

I’m using audacity to record Skype audio calls. I have an external mic and also headphones to hear the person on Skype. Audacity records my audio through the external mic, but isn’t recording audio from Skype. Will Soundflower fix this?

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If you must use Audacity to record Skype, try these steps: Note that the correct location to choose devices in current Audacity is Device Toolbar or Devices Preferences and the correct location to download Audacity is now, not Sourceforge.

Or using GarageBand:

Either method may leave you or the other party hearing feedback echoes.

Or better, use a Mac application designed for recording Skype. Unlike on Windows, you may have to spend money. I recommend you do so, for best results.