not recording and no sound

Obtained a new laptop computer Toshiba satellite c55dt-b, downloaded audacity exe installer. Using windows 8.1. Im attempting to record from a Teac W-450R Stereo double reverse cassette deck. When attempting to record it shows a flat line no waves. There is also no sound. Ive uninstalled audacity and reinstalled resetting preferences. Outputs of cassette deck plugged into microphone/headphone jack on laptop. I was able to record cassettes on previous computer using vista.

It’s a dubber. We had one of those at work. Are you sure you got the right audio connections at the cassette deck?

You have one of these, right?

It’s not looking good. Your current machine has a headset connection suitable for conferencing, communications and gaming, not stereo recording. The microphone connection is mono, not stereo and easily overloaded and damaged.

For most people, the get out of jail card is a USB stereo adapter such as the Behringer UCA202.

Switch the cable to a dual RCA.

The UCA202 will show up in Audacity as “USB Audio Codec.” Plug in the adapter and then start Audacity, not the other way around.

There are cheaper USB audio adapters out there, but they’re not all stereo. The ICUSBAUDIO from StarTech keeps saying stereo, but they mean the headphone connection not the recording connection. It just duplicates the sound connections you already have.