Not recognizing my interface

I just bought the ART USB Dual Pre interface, which came with the Audacity sotftware for Vista 32-bit. My laptop operating system is Windows Vista 64-bit. I installed Audacity 1.3 Beta but it does not recognize my interface. What do I need to do?

Befre you look at Audacity - does Windows recognize you ART USB device? Look in the control panel under sounds and Audio Devices … (that’s where it is in XP, I only have XP not W7)

This article from the Wiki may help you:

In that article it does say:
“It is common on Vista and 7 that not all recording inputs are automatically enabled in the Recording tab. This means they are invisible in that tab, and also invisible to recording applications like Audacity. So you need to make them visible, then enable and make default the one you want to use”
which is why my hunch says that Wiki article may help you.