Not recognizing mic on new computer

Just got a brand new iMac, running Catalina 10.15.4. Downloaded Audacity, 2.3.3. Not recording, not picking up any sound from the mic. I know it is not a mic problem- it all works fine on LogicPro. But I’d like to use Audacity going forward. It’s probably a setting I’m missing or something. The input and output in the system settings are set correctly as far as I can see. By the way, Audacity did work fine on the old iMac I just replaced. Any ideas welcome, and thanks in advance.

Please have a look at this topic:

– Bill

Catalina doesn’t support Audacity. There’s a new Audacity version out shortly. Days? Weeks?


Hours? One can hope.

any idea when the catalina friendly version is out? Anyone? Admin~?

All the workarounds are ceasing to function.

The latest release schedule is here:

Sadly I found a P1 crash bug on the RCO4 (Release Candidate) build for 2.4.0 - a bug also present in 2.3.3 released version
so we have had to add a couple of days to the schedule and fix that.

The bug is
Mac: Crash on docking/undocking Audacity with un-docked toolbar(s)