After recording with audacity on MY PC with an earpiece, i edited it still using the earpiece to listen to it. then i export and send to my phone, but it was only playing the instrumental at a low level and i couldn’t hear what i recorded. but i try using an earpiece with the phone then it sounds exactly like when i finished editing on my PC

Please do not SHOUT, as that just annoys everyone and will not get your question answered any more quickly.

I believe your left & right channels are out-of-phase (one channel is inverted). when you play it in mono, the left & right channels are summed and they cancel. But, it sounds OK when the left & right are separated (especially through headphones where the sound waves don’t mix in the air).

To fix it, there are some instructions in the [u]Audacity FAQ[/u] for deleting one channel to make a normal mono file from a “bad” stereo file. A proper mono file will play out of both speakers/earphones/headphones, or from a single-mono speaker/earphone. (The FAQ is for a different problem, but it should work for your problem too.)

Most likely, you have this problem because you are using a studio/stage mic with a balanced XLR connection with the “wrong” adapters into your soundard, which is unbalanced and stereo, and designed for a computer mic.

If it’s a good mic and you want to continue to use it, the best permanent solution is probably a [u]USB Audio Interface[/u] with the proper XLR mic connection (and a good built-in mic preamp).

what do you mean by shouting, are u alright? please