Not playing back output sound

I have a Mac Book Pro, OS X 10.9.5 and I am attempting to record from vinyl to mp3. I am using a U-Phono UFO202 and have chosen the USB input and the “built in output” choices. Even though the LP is sending a signal to the software I cannot hear the playback through the computers output…any thoughts? Did I miss something?

Are you getting sound on playback but not while recording? If so, click on the Transport menu and check “Software Playthrough”.

If you are not getting sound on playback you have a different problem.

– Bill

That was it Bill! Thanks much. Obviously, I am a novice using this software and now I am confused as to how to export my music files to iTunes. Previously, I used Garage Band which had an export menu and I cannot find this in Audacity. I would have continued to use GB but the recording quality was not complete…some true stereo tracks, like old Beatle albums, did not translate completely since some of the recording was not recorded. When I listen to the play through on Audacity, the entire sound comes across. As I wrote earlier, I am obviously a novice. Any more assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you…


In which case have a look at this workflow tutorial from the Manual: