not play the song in mp3 format

hello forum friends. I have a problem to convert to mp3 format. what happens to the tracks recorded on the left to listen to mp3 in my android phone. but when I want to play the song on my phone speaker not hear the song, just noise. configure audacity with the name of my audio card but still with the problem. I have ubuntu12.04. thanks

If the MP3s play on your computer and not on your phone, then you may have the wrong format for your phone, or it may not have copied to your phone correctly, or there could be a playback problem on your phone, but either way I doubt that we can help if the problem is your phone.

The problem isn’t the phone… I tried in several android phones with different types of audio software, but the problem persist… I can listen with my headphones and reproduce normally but when i want to listen with the phone speaker it’s doesn’t sound anything while the screen shows running… :confused:

Audacity does not run on android phones. If MP3s don’t play through your phone’s speaker there is nothing we can do about that as it has nothing to do with Audacity.