Not Monitoring - Can't Record

I’m using Audacity 2.1.2 running Windows 7 on a relatively powerful PC with a great sound card. For a couple of years, I was able to record audio. All of a sudden, I can’t. Nothing shows up in the “monitoring” area. I have MME, stereo mix, speakers all enabled. Exactly the settings that used to work.

I’ve tried everything. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled Audacity and my sound card drivers. I’ve been on every tutorial, YouTube video, etc. Nothing has worked.

I really need this feature. Can anyone help?


I was able to record audio.

What audio? Be very specific.

I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled Audacity

You reinstalled, but did you reset Audacity? Part way through the Windows install, it will ask you if you want to reset preferences and settings. Say yes.


You can always use the Windows WASAPI loopback method to record computer playback: