Not maximized window with more than two files

I have this problem with Audacity that shows up when using a third party software

I’m using in Mp3tag [] an option located in
Tools > Option > Tools
defined as
Name: Audacity [not important]
Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity\audacity.exe
Parameter: “%_PATH%”

I gives me the ability to execute via keyboard shortcut [or right click sub-menu] an order to send selected files from Mp3tag right to the Audacity [for the purpose of seeing it in spectrogram]. And this works perfectly for one file: Audacity opens it in a maximized window. This also works in the same way for two files: each is opened in a separate instance in maximized form. But when I select three or more files and execute this tool in Mp3tag, then one file is opened correctly but the second one, the third one and so on are opened all together in only one [second] instance; and thus showing up not in a full view but in a squeezed vertically form

If this wasn’t a bug, also only one instance should be opened for two files, dividing place inside it for those two. But instead Audacity chooses to treat one as one, two as two but three or four or five as two. Also when the loading process of more than two files is taking place I can see: first instance being opened with one file maximized > second instance being opened with second file maximized > third file being opened in second instance which now has room inside it split between he second and third file

Also when there are more files that take more space on a hard drive [and so the loading process is prolonged], sometimes I get for example a mix up like
first instance - with 1 file
second instance - with 3 files
third instance - with 2 files

And this pretty much unforeseeable behavior disrupts my workflow

This problem is constant and continues to be throughout updates of Mp3tag, Audacity and Windows. The fact the I can see for a split second a proper behavior on the second file / instance would indicate that it is the sole fault of Audacity [the receiver] and not Mp3tag [the sender]. But I am also using file handler FreeCommander [] the same way [as as sender] without that problem: every time I get one instance per one file, no matter how many o them I select at the same time. To achieve that I use “favorite toolbar” icon / keyboard shortcut [not to be confused with “favorite folders”] set in FC like that:
Name: Audacity [not important]
Program or folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity\audacity.exe
Start folder: %ActivDir%
Parameter: %ActivSelName%
Enclose each selected item with "
Run: Separate for each selected item

Only sometimes I get a messages saying “File removed from the list of recent files”. [And then I can close that message and open that particular file from within the Audacity, or drag the file over Audacity and release it, or load some other file and then try to load the old one from within FC - so it’s not he fault of the file]

I’m running up to date Windows 7 x64, Audacity 2.1.2, Mp3tag 2.77 and FreeCommander XE 2016 Build 715 32-bit public

Are you sure you have “%_path%” inside quotes as per

With the quotes I get each file opening in a new Audacity window without error messages about files not being found. I tried four files selected in MP3Tag. Without the quotes I get similar behaviour to that you describe.

If you need more help with syntax I recommend you ask on the MP3Tag Forums.



And I without the quotes get a "could not be found error"; looping itself, so that I have to use Windows Task Manager to close the Audacity down

Eventually I will

But what does my behavior without the quotes tell us? How i it possible than you get my bug when doing it wrong [without quotes], and I get that bug when doing it right [with quotes]?

Also what I have observed is, when such two or more instances are created, when I close the lastone [no matter if containing one file or five files; the one that was opened first, somewhere in the middle or as last one] I get an error:
Failed to disconnect from DDE server gracefully; a parameter failed to be validated by the DDEML
And that error seems not to show up when I only have one instance opened in such a way [via Mp3tag]

And that bug of mine also happens when files are opened not in spectrogram but in a waveform

We don’t make MP3Tag so we cannot answer your questions. I had tried it on Windows 10. If I find it does the same as for you on Windows 7 I will post here.


Yes, on Windows 7 x64, I see the behaviour you report. I think you will have to post on the MP3Tag Forums. Please let us know what their answer is.



I think that discussion over there is near its end

So I will get back here with some new info probably somewhere in june

I still do not know where the problem lies and so who is the perpetrator [], but at least there is a working workaround to this bug

All credit for that neat workaround goes to ryerman [] from the Mp3tag forum