Not importing or exporting in stereo

Howdy folks, I’m using Win 10 And Audacity 3.5. I tried to import a stereo recording to add some effects. After listening back I realized that Audacity imported it mono, even though it was showing as two tracks. I’ve been having trouble trying to just recording a single rack then pan right or left to make stereo. But for some reason it wants to default to record with two tracks. This has not been a real issue until I tried with this recording as I was trying to adjust on different sides. Of course I want to export stereo for proper playback on all stereo systems

If it’s importing as 2-tracks I’m pretty sure the original file is 2-tracks/channels.

MediaInfoOnline can tell you how many channels there are.

But you can have a “dual mono” file where both channels are the same.

The Drop-down Arrow to the left of the waveform will allow you to split to Split Stereo Track and then you can edit & pan the channels independently.

Recording is different from importing…

You may have to set Windows AND Audacity to stereo or mono. A single microphone is mono (unless you have a stereo mic). If you record in mono, a true-mono mono file will play through both speakers.

If you record in stereo with a mono source you normally get one silent channel. You can delete the silent channel and make a true-mono file, or duplicate the audio to get a dual-mono file.

I’ll have to try al this and see if it will fix my problem. The original recording was done with Pro Tools but It won’t adjust the tempo. I wanted to play with it to speed the song up . . . Audacity did a great job. But that’s when I discovered the changing it to mono . . . so I’m hoping this will help me out. Thanks for your quick reply