Not hearing what I am recording

Audacity 2.2.1 Turntable Audio Technica AT-LP120 USB
Windows sound card Audigy Sound Blaster XFi

I have recently rebuilt my computer from the ground up and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit operating system.
The USB lead from the turntable is plugged directly into my my computer.

With Audacity I have selected "Line (USB Audio Codec) When I hit record I can see it is recording and I can play back the recording and hear it ok.

The problem is when I’m recording no matter what combination of selected output can I hear anything. On playback I have selected SPDIF Out (Creative SB X-Fi) I have include an image to show the options I have. I have tried them all but cannot get sound whilst recording.

Any assistance gratefully received - I am a sound engineer with a solid technological background and musician but this problem has me beat. I’ve used Adobe Audition in the past.

Go to Edit > Preferences and in the Recording section check on the Software playthrough of input

And while you are there you may wish to un-check the overdub which is immediately above it - unless, that is, you want to do overdubbing.

See this page in the Manual:


Thanks for that - I’l try it later today.

That fixed it, many thanks - so obvious when you actually read the details RTFM as they say!!!

It’s only simple when you know how :sunglasses:

this fooled me when I first started with Audacity 12 years ago when I digitized my LPs