Not hearing audio in 2.0.3 ?

I have a video that has a good amount of noise in there. Learned the Noise Removal Effect, and i can’t get the noise done in still video format. So i convert it to mp3 and opened it at Audacity. When i play the mp3 file, i’m not hearing audio, i got all sounds at maximum and still no luck. How to get it back to normal ? Is there an another way to remove your noise in a video ? It is for school project that due tomorrow.

Thanks in Advance

Do you hear audio if you play the MP3 in your usual media player? If not, then either audio playback is not working on your computer (test by playing a "known to be good audio file), or the MP3 is faulty.

If you install the optional “ffMpeg” you may be able to import the audio directly from the video file. See here for installing ffMpeg