Not happy with Looping changes in 3.1.3!

What’s going on with the loop function in 3.1.3?

In 3.1.3, If I now loop a region and change the tempo, the former loop markers should automatically follow the new edit! But no. They remain where there were set and I have to now go back into “Transport” and select the “Select Loop To Selection” which adds a step that I never used to have to do.

I also miss the old Shift/Space bar command which used to loop/play the selected region.

Am I missing something here? Please let me know as this additional step does not help my workload.

A quicker way to Set the Loop to the selection is to right click in the Timeline and use the command in the context menu.

There is also a shortcut for the command in the Transport >Looping menu - which is Shift + L
and you could change that to a custom sing;e-key shortcut if you use it a lot.


The new development team think that the new looping changes are an improvement on my original design.
(I don’t agree, but I would say that wouldn’t I :wink:)