Not detecting audio input...Windows Vista

I have my Yamaha Portable G-1 connected via USB. When I play the sound comes from my computer, because of the “Digital Music Notebook” software (on a previous computer I could only record this device with audacity when the Digital Music Notebook was open). However I am getting the “Not detecting audio input” error. Please help?

Yamaha G1 appears to be a golf cart. Is there any other model number on your keyboard? Include a web link.

Most (but not all) keyboards connect to a computer with USB to make the MIDI machine control work, not transfer music. Press a key on your computer and the keyboard makes a sound. The MIDI is “pressing the key” for you.

Most people have to put in analog audio cables to get the actual music out of the keyboard. That’s how my Yamaha DGX505 works. I build an adapter to go from the Yamaha headphone out to the computer stereo in.

That sounds so easy, but most Windows laptop computers don’t have Stereo Line-In. Mic-In is mono, not stereo and it’s very sensitive and easily overloaded.

So now I’m at full stop without knowing the keyboard.


Or a grand piano (not very portable).