Not comprehending, whatsoever!

I’m sorry if this question is too…well, odd, but I’m a total newbie when it comes to Audacity, and definitely need some assistance.
See, I was at a friend of mines house, and just for fun we decided to record a two minute song. It actually turned out to be good stuff, so today I asked her if she could send it to me. When she sent it (over MSN Messenger), I received it in aup format. It took me a long time to get it open in Audacity, in fact, I hardly even know myself how I managed to do it, but I eventually did.
Everything looks quite normal, as the song looked at her house, but every single time I click play, nothing happens.
The bar moves along, signifying that the song is playing, but I hear nothing at all. All my volume controls are on, they’re at the highest, the volume on Audacity is on, I’m quite positive everything is plugged as it should be… and yet, nothing!
Do any of you happen to have a clue as to what I should do? I’m truly stumped!
Thank you ardently for any help you manage to give me! Really, I’m greatly thankful.

Audacity projects consist of two parts; a project file with an “aup” extension, and a data folder with hundreds of tiny fragments of data. The “aup” file contains references to where all the fragments are located, and where they belong in the project. In certain situations, the aup file may contain references to data that is not even in the data folder, but is located elsewhere on the computer that the recording was made on.

If you try e-mailing a project, there is a very high likelihood of it not working when it is received, since the references in the aup file related to where the data fragments were located on the recording computer, not the recipients computer.

Hopefully your friend still has the original project on their computer and has not moved or deleted any of the files. If this is the case, then your friend will need to “Export” the song (from the “File” menu) as an ordinary audio file.

Usually you would export as a WAV file, as this maintains the sound quality of the recording, but for sending by e-mail they can also export as an MP3 which will be a much smaller file, with just a little loss in sound quality.

To export mp3’s requires that LAME is installed on the computer (as per the instructions on the main Audaciy site).

What he said.

AUP isn’t a music file. It’s a computer programming file. It’s in English --sorta. You can open it up in Notepad, Wordpad, or TextExit and read it.


<?xml version="1.0"?> aliasfile='/Users/koz/Desktop/piano2.wav' ... ==============

This is a short excerpt from one of my projects.

It’s written in “xml” programming language and my project name is piano2split. It was sampled at 48000, etc. etc. Reading it all right out of the file. This is a small chunk of a much larger file. The important idea is that this file points to other files, and those, more often than not are music files. One music file is called piano2.wav and lives on my desktop. This pointing thing could happen hundreds of times which is why trying to email a project is insanely difficult.

And why you can’t play an AUP file.

Export a WAV or MP3 and email that.


Aw wow, that really does help.
I’ll get my friend to re-send the mp3’ed version soon!Thank-you’s for both of you!
And I hope you’re having a lovely day.
:slight_smile: x