Not able to use Audio Technica AT2020 XLR with Audacity.

An urgent help required:
I have recently bought the below items:

  1. Audio Technica AT2020 XLR
  2. Scarlet Solo 2nd Generation 2-in/2 out USB audio interface.
  3. Cable to connect with Audio Technica and Scarlet Solo
  4. Wire that come with Scarlet Interface.
  5. Apple (B) Microphone.

Then, I downloaded the latest version of Audacity and I use a MacBook Air 10.14 Version. After installation, I am able to hear my voice while I am recording, but I am not able to hear back my recording at all. When I changed the setting in System Preference > Sound > Scarlet Solo USB, I get error code 9997.

Is there anyone who can help me out to set my system? I will highly thankful for this urgent help.