Not able to remove vocal from mp3 file

I am trying to remove vocal from an mp3 file. I have tried using vocal remover and the steps mentioned in the manuals

But i still hear the voice
Can you pls help me out here.

The mp3 file can be downloaded here

She has stereo (deep room) effects added to her voice. That’s one of the conditions that causes Vocal Removal to fail.


Thanks for the quick response. Is there a way to get rid of it

Not in Audacity.

Vocal Removal is a dead simple tool. Anything appearing exactly identical in left and right is cancelled. Usually that’s the voice, but also can be bass and drums.

Stereo vocal effects are different in left and right. So they stay behind.

Vocal Removal fails way more often than people think.


I think the vocal reduction works fairly good for this song. The reverb stays at about -40 dB.
That’s enough to overdub the audio with the own voice–if that’s the goal.

See also the following topic for the same song with isolated vocals.

Here’s the link to the tool: