Not a true uninstall/reset?

I’ve had some Audacity issues this past week ( Now fixed, did MANY uninstall/re-installs, even using deeper program removal with 3rd party software. I’ve tossed folders and manually deleted *.cfg. However, after every install, Macros recorded before are still there.

Why doesn’t Audacity do a true and total uninstall, or allow for a REAL reset when that box is clicked?

Windows 10/Audacity 2.4.2

When I’m doing QA testing and I want to ensure virgin OOTB factory settings I do this by deleting the entire contents on my audacity settings folder (that’s the folder where the *.cfg files are stored and the Macros too).
As a QA tester I do it so often that I have a shortcut to that (hidden) folder on my desktop.